Contractor: Lambda • Architect: DUQUETTE | Structural Engineer - Lainco

A 122,710 sq. ft. multi-platform sports and recreation complex with ample clearance.

Location: CHÂTEAUGUAY • Completion date: 2019

The cities of CHÂTEAUGUAY and BEAUHARNOIS wanted to offer a sports and recreational complex to their residents. The objective was to build a multi-platform building with the main purpose of playing indoor soccer, but also allowing a wide range of other sports such as handball, tennis, gymnastics, etc.

Lainco’s HIGHRIDGE SYSTEMS™ metal roof concept was used for this sports centre to highlight unparalleled clearance, enhance the user experience, and facilitate the integration of building mechanics.

The complex includes:

  • An artificial turf surface that meets FIFA standards, 
  • One 11 vs. 11 field (divided into three 7 vs. 7 fields) 
  • An indoor gymnasium
  • A three-lane suspended racetrack 332 meters (1,090 feet) long.

In addition, there are locker rooms, washrooms, storage rooms, bleachers, reception, ticketing, a sporting goods store, and a daycare center. Multipurpose rooms have also been designed to accommodate classes, workshops, and other types of meetings.

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