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Contractor: Consortium RONAM-Lainco • Architect: ABCP architecture | Structural Engineer - Lainco

A 111,945 sq. ft. building that converts from a skating rink into a performance space.

Location: EDMUNDSTON • Completion date: 2017

The City of Edmundston awarded a contract to RONAM-Lainco following a call for tenders for the construction of an amphitheatre that could host large-scale cultural and sporting events: Fairs, activities on ice, and major shows.

The complex is equipped with an NHL-size rink (85’x200′). This ice rink was designed to be transformed into a large stage space. The bleachers are fixed and retractable and can accommodate up to 3,680 spectators in performance mode.

The amphitheatre also has dressing rooms and various common areas such as locker rooms, media area, foodservice, logistics, and storage areas.

This project stands out because of our HIGHRIDGE SYSTEMS™ metal roofing concept, which allows for tall height clearance while eliminating the use of columns in the event area. This innovative design enhances viewer visibility and provides an unparalleled experience for patrons visiting the facility.

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