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Contractor: Lainco • Architect: DUQUETTE ARCHITECTES | Structural Engineer - Lainco

A 72,000 sq. ft. multi-sport complex focused on energy conservation.

Location: AMOS • Completion date: 2017

The city of AMOS called upon Lainco to expand and modernize its sports complex.

The existing buildings held an initial ice rink and a curling rink.

The new space now houses a 200 x 85 foot ice rink inspired by the Saint-Mathieu-Berry esker using wood, angular shapes, brittle edges, and a dynamic use of space symbolizing the crystal clear waters. There is also an imposing entrance hall, common to both ice rinks.

We designed the steel structure for the expansion of this open-air recreation and sports complex, incorporating our HIGHRIDGE SYSTEMS™ metal roof concept. The arena has 726 seats, 6 boxes (each accommodating 12 spectators), a media box, an indoor track, a training room, a dining area, and additional locker rooms.  The refrigeration system has been upgraded to meet the latest standards.

This project is focused on energy savings through the use of ammonia compressors, heat pumps and heat recovery to ensure that the majority of the energy produced is recovered in a 100% integrated system, thus keeping energy released outside to a minimum.

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