About us

Lainco is a company specializing in the design of structural steel buildings. Our expertise lies mainly in delivering complex projects with very short deadlines and uncertainties as to the feasibility of construction methods.

Estimating budgets for these types of projects is complex and usually requires a consulting engineering firm to produce plans and specifications.

At Lainco, we are able to offer turnkey solutions for this type of project on a fixed-price basis and designed entirely in-house by our team of engineers. In addition, we can offer several innovative solutions, including the HIGHRIDGE SYSTEMS™ metal roofing concept, which allows for the creation of structures with an elegant, refined architecture.

Our company offers high-performance solutions at competitive prices on very short deadlines for complex buildings with large spans, such as sports centers, hangars, and aeronautics plants. Our level of experience in this type of project removes any uncertainty about the timeframe and allows us to collaborate with the entire team of professionals hired by the client, based on an integrated design principle.


It all started in 1997, in a 1500 sq. ft. facility in Blainville, when Éric Lachapelle joined his brother Martin Lachapelle to create an engineering and steel structure manufacturing company. Over the years, they have developed a vast expertise in large complex projects.
From the beginning, Lainco’s success has been based on the visionary attitude of the two brothers and their dedicated and talented team. See below for the timeline of Lainco’s evolvement:

2000: Construction of a 9500 sq. ft. plant in Terrebonne’s west industrial park. Lainco extended its expertise to the design and manufacturing of design-build projects and stood out by setting fabrication records through the hard work of its experienced teams.

2001: The installation of a 6500 sq. ft. overhead crane contributed to the expansion of the company, this allowed Lainco to win the “Young Company of the Year, 2002” award from the Terrebonne Chamber of Commerce.

2005: The conversion of this space helped to reorganize the first production area, adding painting and small parts preparation areas. Office space was doubled to 4000 sq. ft.

2007: 10th anniversary. 4000 sq. ft. of additional office space opened for the drafting and design departments.

2011: Plant doubled in size, adding state-of-the-art equipment. This results in a considerable increase in productivity, shorter lead times, and an improvement in fabrication precision.

2022: Lainco celebrates its 25th anniversary
We celebrate the beauty of form and function and harness the power of dreams by drawing out our imagination

Form. Function. Imagination.

Today, Lainco offers high-level engineering and innovative construction solutions.

We always provide solutions and thanks to our creativity, no problem is insurmountable. Lainco is fully in-house with no intermediaries, all departments under one roof, which makes it easy to apply changes in design and manufacturing all while maintaining an exceptional level of service while responsibly managing projects.

Our mission

Your vision is our mission.
With you down to the last bolt.
At Lainco, we collaborate with clients to achieve their vision.

We are collaborative, confident, and ambitious and take our clients’ vision as far and as high as possible. Our tone is always assertive and reassuring, and we always provide solutions through our creativity. No problem is insurmountable.

Lainco's values

For all our employees, we want

Well-being: A safe work environment

Collaboration: A respectful and harmonious work environment that promotes teamwork

Belonging: Employees who are happy and proud to work at Lainco

Added value: That employees take to heart and prioritize the requirements and satisfaction of our customers.

Martin Lachapelle


But that’s not all…

Lainco is proud to be socially involved in a multitude of fundraising activities, sponsorships, and donations for various contests and foundations. We are committed to making a social contribution so that everyone can get the help they need.

What sets us apart?

At Lainco, we collaborate to give wings to the most ambitious ideas. We believe in both the strength and the power of passion; two essential elements to reach new heights that are used in all projects we carry out.

Our distinctive features can be seen in our commitment to working within the rules, but also, pushing the boundaries in our quest to create projects beyond expectations.

Tell us about your project

The entire Lainco team is at your disposal to help your construction project take shape. Tell us about your project, we’ll take care of the rest! To learn more, please contact us today.