Contractor: J. CALNAN & ASSOCIATES • Architect: STUDIO TROIKA | Structural Engineers – Lainco and EXPAND RRC

Our HIGHRIDGE SYSTEMS™ metal roof concept was featured in this large-scale project.

Location: NORWOOD, MASSACHUSETTS • Completion date: 2020

Within the framework of a call for tenders for a prefabricated building, Lainco proposed an alternative solution composed of a conventional steel structure, insulating panels, and a sloping roof covered with a PVC membrane.

Our HIGHRIDGE SYSTEMS™ metal roof concept, which adds character by providing an exceptional ambiance with an unobstructed view, allowed us to win this mandate.

The sports complex has three ice rinks, including an Olympic-size main rink with 2,500 seats. This rink has been designed to host several major events such as Olympic qualifying competitions and figure skating shows. The two regular-size secondary rinks (one with 1500 bleacher seats) are to be used for figure skating and for various other sports such as local hockey league games.

In addition to the ice rinks, the facilities also include a physical therapy room with examination suites, an X-ray room, and space for dance practice and off-ice training.

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The two-tone exterior cladding is primarily composed of 3-inch thick insulated metal panels (R-value 22) and the pitched roof is covered with a PVC membrane (R-value 36) for better energy efficiency.

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