Contractor: DECAREL • Architect: LEMAY | Engineer - ELEMA and Lainco

A multifunctional aquatic centre with hidden mechanics.

Location: BELOEIL • Completion date: 2018

The building includes an eight-lane semi-Olympic pool with 10 ft (3 meters) diving boards, bleachers, and administrative office space. In addition, there is a recreational pool with a deck, wading pool, and children’s slide, as well as a dry sauna, all of which were created with universal accessibility in mind. Traditional locker rooms were replaced by locker rooms with family transition areas.

With its simple form and construction, the project was well thought out and planned to offer a layout of the structure designed and arranged to integrate and conceal the mechanical parts so that they are not visible, while keeping in mind the original idea of offering visitors an open and pleasant space without visual obstruction.

The aquatic center was designed with an electromechanical system offering a high level of energy efficiency. Everything has been designed to promote energy reduction: micro-filtering ceramics, UV dechlorination, heat recovery systems, geothermal heating, and rainwater recovery system.

The orientation and configuration of the building were designed to maximize natural light in addition to the use of modulated lighting based on illumination from outdoors. In addition, the white roof reduces heat islands.

These various measures allow an annual reduction of greenhouse gases equivalent to 752 tons of CO2 as well as a significant cut in energy bills.

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