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Contractor: Consortium Lambda-Lainco • Architect: ARCHITECT DUQUETTE I Structural Engineer Lainco

A 96,107 sq. ft. shared sports center with unparalleled views.

Location: VARENNES/STE JULIE/ST AMABLE • Completion date: 2015

The Lambda-Lainco consortium responded to the request of the municipalities of Saint-Amable, Sainte-Julie and Varennes to provide their citizens with a shared sports centre suitable for indoor soccer.

The multi-sport centre features a FIFA 2-star approved synthetic turf surface on an 11 vs. 11 soccer field that can be divided into two 9 vs. 9 fields or four 7 vs. 7 fields. The building, made to be sustainable and energy efficient, was designed to meet various needs such as golf, baseball, and running.

The facility also features bleachers, a training room, a ticket counter, a coat check, and a dining area located in the glass lobby.

The integrated design of the Centre Multisports Régional allowed for the inclusion of several cost-saving measures in the building, primarily in the following three areas: Layout, building mechanics, and materials. The integration of our HIGHRIDGE SYSTEMS™ metal roof concept not only allowed for a quick and efficient installation, but also provides users with an unparalleled visual experience.

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