Our HIGHRIDGE SYSTEMS™ metal roof innovation



The HIGHRIDGE SYSTEMS™ metal roof concept offers a more open space thanks to a clear ceiling.

An ideal solution for your large-scale projects.

Lainco has created its own metal roofing concept


Lainco has created its own metal roofing concept suitable for large-span constructions of over 150 feet (45 meters). This innovative and aesthetic structure allows for greater clearance and an unparalleled sense of space.

We developed this metal roofing concept following a need expressed during the construction of a sports center. Our client felt that a conventional construction gave a sense of lost space where the roof structure was too visually dominant. Our team then developed a metal roofing concept to meet this recurring need among users and owners of sports centers.

After proposing it for an initial project, the HIGHRIDGE SYSTEMS™ metal roof concept has been successfully used in the design of several sports centers. The concept is particularly appreciated, and we now apply it to various categories of large-span buildings.

The teams at Lainco enjoy tackling the most complex challenges by offering customized support from the preliminary project phase to final construction. We provide precise and detailed schedules and budgets, and we make it a point of honor to adhere to them.

Primarily offered for large-scale constructions such as hangars, sports centers, and other major structures, the HIGHRIDGE SYSTEMS™metal roof concept is a trademark of Lainco. This exclusive roofing concept provides a unique look and unparalleled experience. It is an alternative solution to traditional prefabricated steel structures, offering a distinct and more aesthetic interior mainly due to a clear ceiling that provides a more open space. At the heart of innovation, Lainco’s engineers are constantly researching to offer you innovative solutions for your construction and steel framing projects.



Understanding the benefits of a building designed with the HIGHRIDGE SYSTEMS™ metal roof concept


Lainco surpasses several types of prefabricated buildings. Our HIGHRIDGE SYSTEMS™ metal roof concept allows for the use of insulated metal panel cladding on the exterior of the structure, thereby eliminating thermal bridging.

This offers greater architectural flexibility in choosing finishes and colors.


Our exterior perimeter columns are small, contributing to reducing the overall dimensions impact of the building.

Our HIGHRIDGE SYSTEMS™ metal roof concept avoids the arching effects that often complicate foundation construction, eliminating the need for tie rods or inclined piles.


The HIGHRIDGE SYSTEMS™ metal roof concept allows for greater flexibility in roofing materials by using TPO, PVC, or EPDM membranes. These widely used membrane types facilitate future repairs and replacements while offering variable insulation thicknesses.


Buildings designed with the HIGHRIDGE SYSTEMS™ metal roof concept allow for rainwater drainage through external gutters or roof drains connected to an internal piping network. This enables better management of collected water.

The benefits of a building designed with the HIGHRIDGE SYSTEMS™ metal roof concept


  • Alternative solution to prefabricated steel structure buildings
  • Span of over 150 feet (45 meters)
  • A clear ceiling providing a more open space
  • Modern and streamlined constructions
  • Reduced construction timelines


  • A conventional structure that facilitates future modifications
  • Maximum flexibility to adapt to your needs (layout, mechanical, and future equipment additions)
  • Simple foundations applicable to low-bearing capacity soils

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