A Look to the Future

7 months ago

With a quarter-century of leadership at Lainco, Martin and Éric Lachapelle are ushering in a new era by developing a new positioning strategy to strengthen and elevate Lainco’s unique brand identity.

Their unwavering commitment to advancing the company’s growth by continuing to push the boundaries and bring their vision to fruition is reflected in their decision to strategically incorporate key personnel into the team so that the two founders can focus on the company’s development.

More recently, Martin and Éric have recruited Benoit Chagnon as VP of Finance, Patrick Marquis as VP of Operations, and Martin Richard as VP of Construction.

Martin and Éric underscore the pivotal role of every team member in Lainco’s success, which hinges on the active participation of every team member and a readiness to confront new challenges to drive the company forward. The infusion of high-quality expertise and leadership from these three vice presidents and an entire team of passionate enthusiasts is set to propel Lainco to unprecedented new heights. Thus, the two leaders take pride in relying on devoted, highly skilled team members who bring so much to Lainco’s success.

Benoit Chagnon CPA

Vice President of Finance

As a seasoned VP of Finance, Benoit is responsible for planning, organizing, managing, and directing key operations in finance, accounting, human resources, and IT. Building on 18 years’ experience in the manufacturing sector, including 5 years with Lainco and 11 years in the aviation industry, Benoit has a proven track record for analyzing financial performance and finding solutions to guarantee and enhance project profitability.

Benoit is widely recognized for his demonstrated expertise in costing, profitability, and performance analysis, coupled with his ability to formulate successful growth strategies. Outside the professional realm, our VP Finance dedicates time to family and friends. An enthusiastic sportsman, he loves field hockey, cycling, skiing and golf. His passion for good food is also evident and he never turns down an invitation to a barbecue.

Patrick Marquis

Vice President of Operations

With a wealth of experience in management roles within the manufacturing sector, our Vice President of Operations, Patrick Marquis, has actively contributed to the growth and development of the companies he has been associated with over the years. Playing a pivotal role, he has been instrumental in integrating numerous work teams and operating procedures on a global scale. Patrick’s innate curiosity and thirst for knowledge have enabled him to seamlessly adapt to diverse work environments and corporate cultures. Recognized as a dedicated coach and mentor, Patrick fosters and guides the teams he collaborates with, empowering them to reach their goals. As a proficient communicator, he places high value on the exchange of feedback, creating an environment of continuous improvement. His focus is always on the client. Patrick has a good overall vision, both from the plant and management sides, allowing him to have an excellent short- and long-term vision. He is unwaveringly committed to operational excellence and his strategic vision continues to shape his leadership in the dynamic realm of manufacturing management.

Martin Richard

Vice President of Construction

Currently serving as Vice President of Construction, Martin Richard has an impressive 20-year track record in the field. His wide-ranging experience has positioned him as a key player in various large-scale projects, ranging from commercial ventures to high-rise residential developments.

As supervisor and manager of the construction and pre-construction department, Martin excelled in supervising site work and orchestrating the collaborative efforts of architects and engineers. He demonstrated an innate leadership talent, always prioritizing the success of a project. Recognized for his careful management of the budget and deadlines, he ensures the precise and efficient execution of each task. Martin’s commitment to client satisfaction is evident, illustrating his ability to balance operational excellence with a service-oriented approach.

Martin is an avid skier. However, his passion doesn’t stop at the slopes as he actively contributes to the 24 heures de Tremblant charity event, reflecting his commitment to community involvement as well as his support for social causes.