7 months ago

Rising to the Challenge!

The idea behind the project began with a vision to build an amphitheatre that would host cultural and sporting events for the whole community. This collaboration between various government stakeholders and city residents, who held a fundraiser to achieve the City of Edmundston’s goal, was ultimately a resounding success! It was a true testament to the cohesion and cooperation that contributed to the city’s heritage, and one that Lainco is proud to have been a part of. The project underscores the synergy of vision and creative expression within a dedicated community.

A Citywide Initiative!

It was in May 2016 that the municipal council awarded the Ronam-Lainco consortium with a complete turnkey design-build mandate for the construction of the community amphitheatre. Ronam-Lainco was selected for its capacity to carry out the project on budget and in line with a series of key criteria, notably the company’s experience, the proposed project’s architectural quality, the functionality of the facilities and spaces as well as scenographic and electromechanical features.

What sets the consortium apart is its ability to offer solutions that bring added value to the project. Among these is the use of finishes made of wood, a nod to the region’s important forestry tradition. The project’s finishing touches, including additional utility spaces and a more efficient structure than originally requested, give the facility an added personality. With its innovative and aesthetically pleasing HIGHRIDGE SYSTEMS™ metal roofing concept, Lainco has set new standards for the amphitheatre’s participants and spectators, offering greater clearance and an unprecedented sense of space.

Teamwork was the key to maximizing the building’s performance in the preliminary design phase while staying within budget.

The project design challenges were no match for Lainco’s extensive know-how.

One of the most challenging aspects of the design was the ground topography. Given that the site lies on a mountainside, plans and construction of the foundations had to be adapted to this delicate specificity. In spite of this difficulty, the entire project was completed on time and within budget.

When it came to the removable bleachers, Lainco’s coordination with the scenography teams proved essential in understanding their needs and proposing solutions tailored to their optimal use. The detailing and engineering teams also designed and customized the steel structure to facilitate the use of the amphitheatre for audiovisual crews, by installing catwalks running across the roof structure above the ice.

A Triumph in Structural Event Facility Design

The building’s sober exterior is complemented by a wood-panelled interior that conveys a warm, pleasant atmosphere. With its modern equipment and abundance of windows, the building has a very special appearance. Fitted with a permanent ice rink, it plays host to the local team’s hockey games. In addition, the ice can be covered with panels to host performances, concerts, sports competitions, trade shows, exhibits, fairs and events of all kinds.

The end result? A vibrant, dynamic, contemporary building that captures the spirit of the local population. The new amphitheatre is dubbed the “Centre Jean-Daigle,” in honour of the couple who donated the building, Jean and Louise Daigle.


A real team effort, the way only Lainco knows how!

Lainco works tirelessly with its clients, partners and staff, helping to ensure the project’s success at every phase of development. The project was completed on budget, three months ahead of schedule, and despite the challenging winter conditions, the work and experience were exceptionally productive and will remain etched in the team’s memory for a long time.