Minister Pierre Fitzbibbon’s visit to Lainco: emphazing the significance of innovation for economic progress

1 year ago

An Esteemed Visit to Lainco

Lainco had the privilege of hosting Mr. Pierre Fitzgibbon, the Minister of the Economy, Innovation, and Energy (MEIE), along with being the Minister of Regional Economic Development and the Minister responsible for the Greater Montreal Area, during his tour of their Terrebonne facility on March 27.

Although the Minister, who also serves as the local member of Parliament for the region, regretfully couldn’t attend Lainco’s 25th anniversary celebration in November, he seized the opportunity during his visit to explore the operations of the renowned Terrebonne-based company. Lainco is widely recognized across the province for its exceptional prowess in executing intricate, large-scale projects.

Ongoing Expansion Endeavours

During the visit, Lainco executives, Martin and Eric Lachapelle, expressed their unwavering commitment to further expansion plans to the Minister. Despite prevailing economic uncertainties and increasing interest rates, they conveyed their intention to carefully assess the market conditions before embarking on the next phase of development.


Lainco envisions a multiphase future that involves acquiring a robotic welder for production and automation purposes, along with expanding the existing plant to accommodate an additional manufacturing facility. This ambitious project is expected to span two years.

Promoting the Growth of Quebec Enterprises

Minister Fitzgibbon’s visit to Lainco serves as a testament to the government’s recognition of the vital role played by innovation and economic growth. The Minister emphasized the significance of supporting Quebec-based companies in their pursuit of expansion and progress, with the ultimate aim of generating new employment opportunities and invigorating the local economy. Lainco’s prominent position in the structural steel market serves as a compelling success story for Quebec, underscoring the importance of bolstering the development of such enterprises.

Lainco and the Battery Industry: A Promising Avenue for Advancement

Additionally, Lainco executives took advantage of the occasion to discuss various shared interests with the Minister, particularly concerning Quebec’s strategy for advancing its battery sector—an industry that holds immense potential for the province. As a project incubator and catalyst, Lainco aspires to become a significant player in the production of commercial electric vehicles, aligning itself with the promising developments in the battery industry.

“We take immense pride in having the opportunity to showcase our company and its expansion plans to the Minister. We extend our sincere gratitude for his visit and unwavering support of Quebec’s innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. Equally gratifying was the chance to engage in dialogue about the battery industry’s growth and share our expertise in rapid design-build solutions with short production lead times.” — Eric Lachapelle, Vice-President.