An Alternative to Conventional Prefab Metal Buildings

1 year ago

Revolutionizing Engineered-Steel Structures in Hockey Arenas

It’s Hockey Season! At ATS we’re loving that our Carolina Hurricanes are part of the NHL Playoffs again this year.

If you’ve been to hockey game, I’m sure you’ve noticed the engineered-steel structure that creates that open space. Last month, I met a woman whose company specializes in those spaces. Linda Robert introduced me to Lainco, a full-service steel fabricator that offers engineering and structural-erection management all under one roof.

The Skating Club of Boston

Linda explained that Lainco specializes in projects that require large unobstructed spaces – like hockey, soccer, swimming, and other sporting arenas.  This also includes commercial, industrial, and institutional projects like warehouses and data centers.

Linda shared one of those arena projects – The Skating Club of Boston. Designed by Studio Troika, this 180,000-sf project includes three skating rinks: a 2,500-seat Olympic-sized main rink and two standard-sized rinks for figure skating and local hockey games. The building also includes a physical therapy suite, a radiology room, dance space, and off-ice training space.

Unique Roofing and In-House Expertise: Lainco’s Disting Advantage

Lainco incorporated its proprietary HIGHRIDGE SYSTEMS™ metal roof concept above the main rink in the center of the complex. This allowed for the beautiful open space visible from the entry. Insulated metal panels on the outside offer greater design flexibility and energy efficiency versus a prefabricated building. That 3-inch IMP cladding eliminates thermal bridging and has an R-value 22. The pitched roof is covered with a TPO membrane with an R-value 36.

I asked Linda what makes Lainco different from other manufacturers. In addition to the HIGHRIDGE SYSTEMS™ metal roof concept, she said it’s the in-house resources including engineers, technicians, and project managers. “We’re so different. We’re involved at every stage which means that we can handle changes quickly.” She said that with those in-house resources “we can not only handle form and function but also anything a designer imagines.”
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Let’s go Canes!