The ADM Group contracted Lainco to fabricate and install the structural steelwork according to the project plans and specifications.

The project consisted of the expansion of a portion of the international west pier.

The usable area of this section was sufficiently increased by adding a new cantilevered floor attached to the existing structure. This project allowed for a conversion of the original space into an open concept that includes floor-to-ceiling windows which exposed the steel in a way that blends well to the surrounding environment.

The major challenge of this project was the construction of the cantilever section, which was one of the first complex steel cantilever structures in Canada. For this project, numerous reinforcements were added to the existing building. Installation was carried out using temporary columns, which required special care in the execution of the work so that there was sufficient elevation to allow for the shifting that was to occur once the supports were removed.

The execution of the work in a secure airport area also increased the degree of difficulty encountered. The small size of the site, its restricted access, and the accelerated pace of execution were also project constraints.

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