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LAVAL, May 30, 2024—Lainco is proud to announce its strategic acquisition of Sofab, a key player in the structural steel industry. This partnership, formed with industry-leading collaborators known for delivering innovative solutions and enhancing project efficiency, marks a significant step in Lainco’s ongoing strategic growth and market consolidation.

The acquisition is underpinned by a mutual respect and a strong personal rapport between the management teams of both companies. The Lainco leadership, brothers Martin and Éric Lachapelle of Lainco, along with founders and owners Daniel Leblanc and Claude Desrosiers of Sofab, believe this acquisition will further reinforce Lainco’s foundations. “Our companies share common values and are both well respected in the structural steel industry. This decision is the right one, reinforcing our dedication to service quality and continuous innovation,” says Éric Lachapelle, Executive Vice-President of Lainco.


To better meet the needs of its customers, Lainco initiated a major restructuring of its organization. “This affiliation is further solidified by the importance both Sofab and Lainco place on cultivating excellent business relations with their customers, subcontractors, suppliers, and business partners,” explains Martin Lachapelle, President of Lainco. The two companies have been collaborating for over 15 years through the Canadian Institute of Steel Construction, and Sofab has entrusted the Lachapelle brothers with the future of their company, confident in their ambition, creativity, and innovation.


Effective June 1, 2024, this acquisition will not impact ongoing operations, as all current projects will remain managed by their respective entities, Lainco Inc. and Sofab Inc. Both teams will continue to receive the same level of attention and professionalism, with consolidated resources allowing Lainco and Sofab to collaborate more closely for the benefit of their clients.


Following this deal, Lainco is seizing the opportunity to restructure its entities to maintain the same high level of service while enhancing its resources and expertise in the structural steel sector.

About Lainco

Lainco Canada Inc. is a full-service structural project management company based in Canada, specializing in structural steelwork. Their services encompass every stage from estimating and preconstruction to design and final completion. In the United States, Lainco USA Inc. operates as a dedicated structural project management entity, offering the same comprehensive range of services as its Canadian counterpart. Additionally, Acier structural Lainco Inc. focuses on structural detailing and fabrication, acting as a key structural steel fabricator. This division will now be complemented by Sofab, which will play a similar role to Acier structural Lainco Inc., further strengthening Lainco’s capabilities in the structural steel industry.


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Éric Lachapelle, Executive Vice-President
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