A team committed to excellence

1 month ago


When it comes to building steel structures, meticulous planning and a thorough knowledge of the industry are vital to the success of any given project. At Lainco, this expertise is embodied by a dedicated sales and estimating team, which is led by seasoned and driven professionals. Through their innovating approach, they are able to steer clear of the common pitfalls while simultaneously acting as highly resourceful, creative partners. They also ensure that all project specifications are thoroughly integrated, delivering invaluable assistance to their partners and clients.

The following is an in-depth look at some of these key team members, who play such a pivotal role in the company’s growth and development.

Martin Lachapelle


Martin epitomizes the relentless pursuit of innovation and a penchant for embracing new challenges. Armed with a solid professional background in accounting, complemented by a CMA option, he cofounded Lainco alongside his brother Éric in 1997. Since then, Martin has been a driving force behind the company’s enduring growth and successes.

Working closely with Executive Vice President Éric Lachapelle, Martin assumes a pivotal role in Lainco’s strategic planning, overseeing both commercial and operational activities to ensure alignment with the company’s overarching vision.

As Company President, he also occupies a multifaceted role within Lainco’s Sales and Estimating team, leveraging his expertise across various domains.

In the estimating department, Martin approves construction costs and schedules, and proposes different types of contractual arrangements adapted to the specific needs of each project, for example, in design build. His involvement in the sales department primarily focuses on pre-construction projects, where he participates actively in budget assessments and provides preliminary solutions customized to meet clients’ specific needs.

Outside of his responsibilities at Lainco, Martin extends his influence to organizations like the CISC Executive Committee, where he is a valued board member. An avid outdoorsman, Martin enjoys mountain biking, fat biking, gravel biking, hiking, cross-country skiing, boating, and aviation.

Éric Lachapelle

Executive Vice President

In the complex world of structural steel construction, Éric Lachapelle stands out as a passionate and competent leader. As Executive Vice President and co-owner of Lainco, Eric brings strategic vision and deep technical expertise to the company. Its central role is to foster the development of innovative solutions to meet client needs, particularly in pre-construction or design-build projects, and to align sales and marketing objectives with market requirements closely.

In collaboration with Martin Lachapelle, President of Lainco, Éric actively shapes the company’s trajectory by identifying new business prospects and nurturing strategic alliances with clients and partners. His unwavering dedication to operational excellence and inspirational leadership solidifies his position as an indispensable cornerstone of the Lainco team, helping to fortify the company’s position in the structural steel construction sector.

Linda Robert

Director of Business Development

Linda joined the Lainco team in 2020, bringing over three decades of expertise in sales and marketing. With her dynamic energy and wealth of experience, Linda is dedicated to expanding the company’s customer base and identifying growth opportunities in Eastern Canada and the New England region of the United States. Linda’s keen ability to establish strategic partnerships and her innovative approach have made her an invaluable asset to Lainco.

Beyond her professional role, Linda is an avid nature lover and travel enthusiast. When she’s not embarking on epic expeditions, you’ll likely find her on a camping road trip in her SUV, always eager to discover new cultures and experiences.

Benoit Charland

Director of Engineering and Estimating

Mr. Charland leads structuring and optimization initiatives within the estimating department. His role is to ensure smooth communication between the various departments and streamline budget transmissions. He plays a crucial role in harmonizing the efforts of estimating and engineering teams, particularly on design-build projects. This collaboration enables precise planning during the bidding phase and facilitates efficient monitoring of budgets and scheduling throughout the project execution phase.

David Parent


Since his arrival at Lainco in 2016, David has been an invaluable member of the estimating team. As an estimator, he maintains close communication with different departments and management to provide precise and comprehensive estimates.

Well known for his meticulous work and effective communication style, David gets high marks both internally and with clients for his unwavering professionalism and dedication. His expertise, coupled with degrees in Architectural Technology, Building Estimating and Valuation Technologies, underscores his proficiency in his field.

Outside of work, David dedicates time to community volunteering and shares his love for sports by teaching archery.

Béatrice Labrie


Beatrice plays a pivotal role in Lainco’s tendering process. She actively engages in quantity takeoffs, conducts site visits, manages price requests, contributes to tender design, and ensures the final transmission to customers.

Hailing from a family background of construction contractors, Beatrice has inherited a deep passion for the industry. Although initially starting her career in the humanities, she swiftly transitioned into building estimating, where she found her niche in the construction sector.

Throughout her career, Beatrice has amassed a wealth of expertise and versatility. Before specializing in structural steel, she gained substantial experience in masonry and civil engineering estimating practices. With her comprehensive understanding of various construction facets and deep sector knowledge, Béatrice has become a major asset to Lainco’s estimating team.

Outside of work, Beatrice enjoys spending quality time with friends and family, indulging in reading, and engaging in diverse projects that nourish her curiosity.

Lainco’s Sales and Estimating team’s unwavering commitment and professionalism are pivotal in delivering high-quality solutions and meeting the most demanding requirements of its customers.

The company’s steadfast dedication to excellence and its knack for anticipating market needs solidify its position as a key player in the construction industry.