Forging ahead: Lainco secures AISC certification

5 months ago

An innovative player in developing and executing high-value-added projects, Lainco resolutely forges ahead in pursuing its expansion goals. Rooted in a profound dedication to enhancing human experiences, the company distinguishes itself through its unwavering dedication to excellence in detailing and fabrication of steel structures, alongside its steadfast adherence to the highest standards. With its unwavering commitment to offering tailored and continuous assistance to clients throughout the entire process, from design to completion, Lainco has consistently proven itself as a trusted and preferred partner of choice.

ISO and AISC Certifications

In 2018, Lainco achieved a significant milestone with the attainment of ISO 9001-2015 certification, establishing a strong foundation for its operational processes. In continuing its commitment to ongoing enhancement and growth, Lainco is currently focused on securing AISC (American Institute of Steel Construction) accreditation, a well-recognized standards benchmark widely acknowledged in the steel construction sector.


International Scope

The company committed itself to undertake this significant stage to extend its presence and meet the demands of the American market, all while maintaining unwavering dedication to its Canadian clientele. Achieving AISC certification has entailed a thorough examination of internal protocols, a seamless incorporation of market-specific norms and requirements from both regions, and well as implementing standardized procedures to ensure optimal quality across the board.

Acknowledging Excellence

Lainco proudly acknowledges the remarkable achievement of its team for this collective achievement and extends sincere gratitude to all who played a role in this outstanding milestone, particularly Jonathan Arnould, Stéphane Hamelin, Maxime Gagnon, Benoit Bergeron, Jean-François Beaudoin, Dominic Landry, Florian Thomas, and Patrick Marquis. This accomplishment results from the meticulousness, dedication, and unwavering commitment demonstrated by every one of our employees, whose efforts truly make it all possible.

The attainment of AISC certification represents a pivotal moment in Lainco’s business development strategy, opening doors to fresh prospects in the United States while solidifying its standing in the broader North American market. It serves as a cornerstone in Lainco’s enduring commitment to excellence and client satisfaction, elevating the standards for its offerings to surpass even the highest industry benchmarks.

This certification also reinforces Lainco’s leadership role in the steel construction market, reaffirming its position at the forefront of the industry.