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Right at the quotation, the preliminary structural design is done without the need for the client to invest a big amount of money for engineering. This step allows Lainco to start the project faster and prevents additional costs for design modifications.


In addition, the simultaneous execution of the engineer and the steel structure detailing allows for a greater gain in the project shipping deadlines.


Finally, the proximity of the conception department, the detailing department and the workshop allows a more effective coordination between the structural steel virtual 3D models and the workshop computer numerical controlled digital equipment’s, thus providing a better understanding of the fabricating and installation methods.



Lainco’s engineering department works in close collaboration with Quebec’s universities laboratories of research. Thanks to its implication and contribution in research, Lainco benefits from more innovative knowledge in this domain to provide better steel structures designs that better optimizes the use of materials. So with its designs, Lainco offers long-lasting and affordable structures, respecting and even surpassing the architectural needs.



The proximity of Lainco’s detailing department with the design and fabrication teams allows for a better communication and coordination. The project productions deadlines are therefore reduced, thus decreasing the overall costs.



Thanks to its state-of-the art factory and a versatile team, Lainco can produce any complex structure while staying competitive for more simple steel structures. In addition, Lainco’s efficient fabrication and quality management allows an unfailing and continuous monitoring of its activities, thus offering superior products in most impressive deadlines.



Thanks to its innovative design ideas and its close collaboration with its steelworker teams, Lainco elaborates affordable, safe, fast and efficient installation and shipping procedures for its steel structures.