A Testament to Family Legacy

Established in 1997, Lainco started as a modest family enterprise, with the company’s president constructing fabricated metal structures within a 1,200-square-foot industrial condominium. Since then, fuelled by unwavering dedication and a passion for metal frameworks, Lainco has experienced remarkable growth. Headquartered in Terrebonne, this rapidly expanding company, supported by a dependable and devoted team, has continuously evolved through a problem-solving mindset. This year marks a significant milestone as Lainco celebrates its 25th anniversary.

Reimagining the Brand Identity

Lainco commemorated this momentous occasion on November 3rd, hosting a celebratory event attended by partners, clients, and employees. The celebration also served as an unveiling of a revitalized brand image, an enhanced website, and a fresh positioning strategy, reinforcing and fortifying Lainco’s distinctive identity and accomplishments.

Valuing and Honouring the Team

Company founders Martin and Éric Lachapelle highlighted the company’s accomplishments in recent years, emphasizing that their business success has always been rooted in a dedicated team that embraces new challenges to drive the company forward. As Lainco transitioned from humble family projects to increasingly complex ventures, it has garnered a reputation for working alongside some of the world’s foremost corporations. The team’s commitment to the company’s prosperity, innovation, and pushing boundaries has solidified Lainco’s position as a resilient and esteemed enterprise. The Lachapelle brothers take great pride in their diligent workforce, whose integral role in the manufacturing process has contributed to their achievements across various product lines.

Setting Sights on the Future

With a quarter-century of experience, Lainco remains steadfast in its commitment to continued growth, striving to realize their customers’ visions across the U.S., Eastern and Western Canada markets. Passion and determination are fundamental drivers for Lainco and its team as they explore new frontiers while upholding a steadfast commitment to conducting business with integrity and adherence to best practices.

“Challenges are woven into Lainco’s DNA. We take great pride in that and will build upon it as we continue to expand. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our loyal customers, partners, and team for their unwavering support and dedication throughout the years.”—Martin and Eric Lachapelle.